Gleaners & Friends

Gleaners acquires shipments of reclaimed goods from a private sector provider.  These include non-perishable food items as well as personal hygiene and household products.  Food items are first shared with the Food Bank and then with numerous other programs in our community.

Through Gleaners & Friends we have been able to make further “in kind” non-perishable food donations to a variety of Food Programs in the community – such as:

* United Church Wednesday Lunch program, 
* Therapeutic Action Program for Seniors lunch programs, 
* Ministerial Association hampers and Christmas Hampers
* Elementary School Breakfast programs, 
* Local Day care Programs and other youth programs.

Household and personal items are sold through Gleaners Too at a nominal price and the money goes back into purchasing groceries for the Food Bank.

Once again, we have volunteers involved in the unloading and distribution of these items.

Waste not Want Not....

At Gleaners nothing goes to waste.  Any clothing unsold in a specific time is recycled.   They are bagged and sent to Maple Ridge, BC for shipping to third world countries.  Gleaners is paid by the pound and sends a transport truck full every six weeks.  In this manner 200,000 lbs. annually is kept out of our landfill.